Sage Creek High School Junior Optimist Club’s Officers Inducted

On Saturday, April 30, the officers of the Sage Creek High School Junior Optimist Club were officially inducted by President Irene Chow Pong.  The officers are Lily Prince (Treasurer), Angelina Rocca (Secretary), William Maas (Vice President), and Brianna Bunchman (President, not pictured).  These officers are also members of the high school’s track and field team and are currently in their Junior year at the school.  There are currently 15 members that regularly attend their club meetings.  We look forward to supporting their efforts!

Optimists Bring Smiles to Kids at Street Faire

We had a great turnout at the May 1st Carlsbad Village Street Faire. The cool and sunny weather
helped to bring out the crowds of people including kids and their pet dogs. Our spin wheel, which
fellow member Don Elling constructed by hand, was very popular with the kids we ran out of
giveaways for the kids twice during the day, but we were happy to see their smiles at being able to
obtain something for themselves at the Street Faire.

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